What's good, what's popping it's ya boy Denzel Dion & welcome to my SHOP! Are you popping? because I know I am, OKAY. I am back with new merch for you guys and it's Valentine's Day inspired! Due to the fact that we are around this season and most of us are voluntarily single and we're heartbreakers. I wanted to give you guys something fresh new and relatable to out every lives, so here she IS!

Denzel Dion—or rather, @denzeldion—is an Instagram star. Like many of his contemporaries on the platform, Dion has gained quite the following—roughly 1.4 million—thanks to his emphatically sassy commentary on friendships and pet peeves in the form of 60-seconds-or-less videos. The 18-year-old Bronx native hit viral popularity about three years ago under the now-defunct handle @denzelnotwashington (“It was pretty stupid,” he says over the phone) after he uploaded a hand-drawn meme that later landed on the Instagram Discover page. The rest of his social-media stardom was history: After graduating high school last year at 17, Dion moved to Los Angeles and got an agent. - Vogue